Premier Horgan’s push for increased federal health care funding benefits The Fraser Valley

Langley-East MLA Megan Dykeman says Premier John Horgan is leading Canada’s premiers in calling on the federal government to increase funding for health care, in order to strengthen services for people in the Fraser Valley and across the province.

“In addition to the strain on our health care system caused by the pandemic, the Fraser Valley is growing, and so are the demands on local health care services,” said Megan Dykeman, MLA for Langley-East. “Our premier, along with premiers across the country, recognizes that people need better access to care for mental health, addictions and primary care concerns, as well as shorter surgery wait times.”

This morning, Premier Horgan chaired a virtual meeting of Canada’s premiers to discuss the urgent need to resolve the structural funding shortfall facing our health care systems. All premiers are united in calling on the federal government to increase its share of provincial-territorial health care costs through the Canada Health Transfer to 35%.

MLA Dykeman says this funding increase from the federal government will help to support investments in priority areas of health care for the Fraser Valley including long-term care, mental health and addictions care, and access to primary care.

When universal health care was established, it was evenly funded between the federal and provincial governments, but now provinces are covering approximately 80% of the costs. Recent polling shows 87% of Canadians agree that an immediate increase in funding and resources is needed to help alleviate the strain the pandemic has put on their province or territory’s healthcare system.

Premier Horgan, the Chair of the Council of the Federation, is calling for a First Ministers Meeting with the Prime Minister to focus on health transfers to achieve a joint commitment to improve and strengthen healthcare across the country.